Spring is here……..Its time to check Driveway Sealing off your list!

concrete sealing,surface washing

Surface washing driveway

Concrete sealing why do you need it? The Kansas City metro area is known for harsh winters. Even in years with little snow fall your homes driveways and sidewalks are subject to premature damage from freeze thaw cycles and harsh ice melting chemicals. In fact, freeze thaw and over application of ice melting products are the leading causes of driveway spalling and eventual replacement. At SealKC we offer advanced protection for your concrete and paver driveways, patios, sidewalks and concrete porch’s. Using equipment designed specifically to clean concrete your driveways and sidewalks are professionally cleaned. A penetrating silane/siloxane concrete sealer is then applied. Penetrating sealers protect concrete surfaces subject to corrosion and freeze thaw damage by forming a chemical barrier that shields against moisture penetration and deicing chemicals. At SealKC we can treat your new concrete driveway or concrete that is years old. We also treat exposed aggregate driveways, pavers and stone.

Ice melt,concrete damage

To much salt!

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