Kansas City Concrete

Kansas City Concrete Uses and Prices

Concrete in and around Kansas City is a very durable and useful product.  Concrete is used in Kansas City predominantly for driveways, sidewalks, and in many cases parking lots, along with other commercial and residential applications.

Many home and business owners don’t realize the value of their concrete until it has started to deteriorate or is in need of replacement.  There are no good patches or repairs for concrete that has begun to be damaged, and all you can really do is live with the damaged concrete or look at concrete replacement.

Costs of the typical suburban driveway that we seal from damage and replacement, can easily approach $10,000.  This doesn’t even include the hassle of parking on the street as crews replace your driveway, and not being able to use it for approximately one week.  Nor does it take into account the damage to lawns and other landscaping you may have around your home.

Seal It Now…Or Replace it Later!

If you are beginning to see damage to your concrete it may be worth looking into sealing.  SealKC is Kansas City’s leader in the advanced protection of concrete surfaces and structures, and applies SealRx exclusively to in Kansas City, as a one-time application-GUARANTEED FOR 25 YEARS. 

If you have recently replaced your concrete, and wish to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed, you need to have it sealed.  You do have options, there are sealers and companies that offer sealing, which you will need to do every year or two.  Or, you can choose the best concrete sealer in Kansas City-SealRx, and have it installed by the concrete sealing professionals at SealKC of KC.


SealMasters uses Seal Rx – Guaranteed For 25 Years!

Advantages of our Concrete Sealing Services:

  • Permanently seals against water, chemical, and liquid-based penetration
  • Strengthens concrete up to 30%
  • Reduces random fracturing
  • Eliminates pitting, scaling, and seepage
  • Dynamic concrete coating re-activated by water
  • Proven penetration of over 14″ vertically
  • Our concrete sealer is environmentally safe


Kansas City Concrete Driveway Sealer Services