Kansas City’s #1 Epoxy Garage Floor System

All Warranties are NOT created equal-

SealKC offers a 15 year warranty on Amazing Garage Floors

Here is a copy of lifetime warranty that recently started installing in the Kansas City area.

Flimsy lifetime epoxy floor warranty

We’ve made this as large as possible without distorting the image, but the flooring portion reads:


What’s Covered:

Floor coatings come with a Lifetime materials Warranty and a 3 year labor Warranty that cover the following defects: Hot tire markings, yellowing, staining from car fluids, and staining.

What’s NOT covered:

Flooring:  Staining or Peeling caused by cracking of the substrate, defective substrate, hydrostatic pressure or vapor transmission levels equal to or greater than 6 lbs, battery acid, brake fluid, or other non auto industrial fluids.


I immediately noticed that the warranty only covers 3 years on labor.  Is it just me, or if you knew how to install your own epoxy floor you’d just do it yourself, and not hire someone.  Lifetime material warranties are seldom offered with any coating, especially for a surface that will take wear and often have other limitations.

I also noticed that is covers staining from car fluids, but then it says that battery acid, and brake fluids aren’t covered, so really it’s most car fluids, I guess.  Unless your car doesn’t use a battery or have brakes.  Apparently with this floor you also don’t want to have any other non automotive cleaners in you garage either.

Since hydrostatic pressure is also a problem with their floor, I would hope that testing for vapor transmission rate testing is also part of their procedure on their installation.  Is that included as well?


I picked apart this warranty fairly quickly and easily.  Most “lifetime” warranties don’t cover much more than the materials-and often with limitations.  Why would you buy materials from some guy you just met, don’t know where he lives, how long he’s been in business, etc.  Especially when you are primarily purchasing a service and expertise (hopefully) to install an epoxy garage floor coating.

While SealKC doens’t cover damage due to concrete movement (new cracks or settling) we cover everything that’s covered in their warranty for 15 years-INCLUDING LABOR- We also cover basically everything this warranty doesn’t cover-AGAIN FOR 15 YEARS.  We also include the wear on the floor.  After all you are going to drive on this right!