Deck Sealing


Wood decks are a fun and enjoyable portion of any Kansas City home. Proper protection from the devastating effects of rain and other elements is essential to protecting that structure. Traditional deck staining and sealing methods have proven expensive and time consuming. As a deck owner, here is what you need to know:

Water’s Damaging Effects
Water is not a friend to your deck. Much like a sponge soaks up water, the wood in your deck does the same thing. This water causes your deck to expand and contract, leading to warping, rotting, splitting, and other weakening of wood. This damage can be seen on every grey and warped deck in your neighborhood.

The Price of Neglect
The cost of not maintaining a deck can be startling. Minor repairs can costs hundreds of dollars for just a few bad boards. Even worse you could have to deal with replacement. The costs of a cedar deck is in the $30+ per square foot range and rising.

Traditional Sealers?
If you have used traditional sealers before, then you know they DON’T LAST. They lay on top of the wood and wear off over time, so every year you get to do it all over again.

Now the SealKC Process!
At SealKC we use SealRx, our unique wood sealer that bonds internally with your wood, protecting it from water damage. We clean and seal your deck with two coats of SealRx wood sealer. We then return to sand your deck to restore it to a “like new” finish. After your deck restoration we back up our seal with our exclusive 25 year guarantee.  Lowering the maintenance requirements of your deck forever.

Advantages of Sealing with SealRx:

  • Reduces standard maintenance
  • Prevents warping, rotting, cracking, splintering
  • Strengthens wood up to 30%


Products Used: Seal Rx

SealRx- SealRx for wood is designed for the protection of wood from water related damage. It’s ideal for preserving the integrity of the wood, and saving thousands of dollars in replacement costs for decks or other wood structures. SealRx will reduce maintenance requirements over other “traditional” stain and seal solutions. This protection is backed by a 25 year written guarantee on both the installation, and a product guarantee backed by the manufacturer and the distributor.