Concrete Protection Is Important

Concrete Protection in Kansas City is

Very Important and SealKC Leads the Way

Concrete protection of driveways and garage floors in the Kansas City area is extremely important due to the weather cycle and chemical de-icers that are put on our roads, parking lots, and sidewalks.  Even if you don’t put them down yourself, your car picks them up and brings them back to your driveway and garage creating damage.  SealKC is Kansas City’s leader in protection of driveways with SealRx and garage floors with Amazing Garage Floors applications.

Established in 2006 we quickly became the leader in Kansas City with the SealRx treatment.  We believe in doing the job right the first time, and on time.  You will find one of our owners on every project, working alongside our employees (not sub-contractors), so you can rest assured that your project(s) will be completed properly, as we take our warranties very seriously.  That’s why we are A+ rated with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau, and have 0 (zero) complaints-ever!  We are a debt free company and all our products are bought and paid for before we ever come out to your project.  No lien waivers are needed here, be we can certainly provide you with one if needed.

Amazing Garage Floors® is a unique flooring process that we have developed since we entered the epoxy garage floor business in 2007.  It is unlike any other epoxy garage floor, due to the products that we use, and our process for installing a garage floor in just one day.  There are other floors that have pieces of what we do, but we put all the pieces together for the “Amazing” system.  We have best garage floor system that you will find anywhere.  We didn’t invent the epoxy garage floor but we improved in so many ways we are years or decades ahead of other floors that are installed around Kansas City.

All Amazing Garage Floors start with diamond grinding preparation, and we make repairs to your floor fixing cracks, or other concrete damage.  We then apply a primer coat of our penetrating water-based primer, and an even coat of our epoxy, and fully broadcast vinyl/polymer flakes into the wet epoxy.  This epoxy then cures out of the next few hours (depending on temperatures and humidity) then we come back and reclaim and scrape off additional chips and apply our unique topcoat to your floor.  All completed in just 1 day, and your back parking on your floor in just 12 short hours.  Guaranteed, not to peel, flake, or even wear through the topcoat, and more for 15 years.

Not only do we install Amazing Garage Floors, but we have expanded our system into 13 states with 21 dealers currently, through licensing agreements.  We train all these dealers personally, and support them technically, as well as with products and business consultation.  We install for some of Kansas City’s premier home builders, and most of our clients are referrals or repeat customers.  We are the #1 dealer in the country of the concrete grinding equipment we use, and sell to our dealers, and other concrete protection professionals around the country and world.

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SealRx is a unique, one-time application that penetrates deep into your concrete driveway, creating a gel that essentially fills the voids in your concrete from within.  SealRx cannot be removed and will not flush out of your concrete over time.  Since it’s inside your concrete it’s not affected by weather, sun, or chemicals.  The onetime application to your concrete protects for a minimum of 25 years-guaranteed!

See a short video demonstration of SealRx Concrete sealer here:

If you are looking for concrete protection for your driveway or garage floor, we think we are the company you’ll want to choose for serious and proper protection.  Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, and see if it makes sense for us to work together for the protection of your concrete.