Beware of cheap epoxy garage floors in Kansas City


As Kansas City’s leading epoxy garage floor installer we’ve seen a lot of garage floors, and seen a few trends over our years installing, training dealers, and local competition.  It appears that we are entering into another round on new and unproven and cheap epoxy garage floor installers or companies, products and processes.  We have seen it before, and we will see it again!  You see we have established ourselves as not only the leaders in Kansas City, but leaders among the industry of garage floors.  Our proven process and business practices are now being duplicated not only in Kansas City, but by others around the country with our Amazing Garage Floors dealer network and beyond.

You see we know what it takes to successfully install and guarantee our floors with customer service that is second to none.  While there are a growing number of companies out there that can compete with or beat our prices, there are few that can come close to our quality-at any price, and none that can compare with our 10-year track record.  There were a number of companies installing floors when we began this business, but most have long since gone by the waste side, as well as their warranty.

There has been a growing trend in our business with the replacement of epoxy floors (not one’s we installed) by companies that have gone out of business.  While this is something that we have become quite good at, it costs you quite a bit extra.  Not only the first waste of money on the bad installation, but we now have to remove the floor that someone else installed improperly or used the wrong materials.  We have actually removed and replaced cheap epoxy garage floors that were as little as 6 weeks old!


“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin


There are huge differences in “epoxy garage floors”.  We have chosen on primarily install Amazing Garage Floors, which have a number of advantages over traditional epoxy floors.  I’m not going to get into those points here, but many are listed on this site.  So please don’t compare our floors to others that are out there.  You will see the difference in our floors if you take a closer look.

I designed a business model a couple years ago for cheap epoxy garage floors.  In this model I could clearly make more money by using cheaper product, lower skilled workers, no frills, no repairs, little preparation, no clear coat, but can install a typical garage floor for $995.  We could easily do 2 of these types of floors a day and maybe 3.  The results would be a cheap epoxy garage floor, that few would like, and most would complain about.  I have never implemented this business, and it would most certainly have to be run as another business, as not to ruin the outstanding name and reputation that we have created since 2006.

Please don’t take this as we are the most expensive floor in Kansas City, that is certainly not the case.  Our pricing is done by the job, and we know what it takes to do your job with our products and up to our standards which will likely delight or thrill you as a client.  We often find that we are right there in price with other reputable companies.  When you look at our reviews, BBB, awards, expertise, it’s really and easy choice to go with SealKC.