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We are getting a lot of calls about sealing concrete as the leaves have started to change and the temperatures are dropping.  It won’t be long before the cold winter days, snow, and ice begin attacking your concrete driveways with a vengeance.  Remember that concrete needs to be sealed!  Kansas City has some of the worst weather in the country for freeze-thaw cycles, and your driveway can go through roughly 100 such cycles in a typical Kansas City winter.

We are getting more and more calls that sound something like this: 

“We had someone else seal our driveway last year, and it looks horrible, can you fix it?”

Here’s a picture of a Lee’s Summit, MO driveway we looked at last week:


The answer:  NO, we cannot fix that!!!

Primarily because chemicals would be required (very harsh ones at that), and we would be required to re-claim and dispose of that water properly.  If we wouldn’t reclaim that water, I understand that the fines start at $11,000!  When you hire someone that doesn’t specialize or know what they are doing, these type of things can and will happen.

If you’ve gotten an e-mail from my business account in the last year or so you’ll see this on my signature.  

“The only thing more expensive than hiring a professional, is hiring an amateur” – Red Adair

I’ve seen these types of things way too many times over the years.  You don’t have to choose SealMasters to seal your concrete driveway, but if you want professional results, and a company that will stand behind it’s products and services, without destroying or damaging your property, you may consider us.  Otherwise, check references, online reviews, and the Better Business Bureau.

SealMasters uses SealRx and is guaranteed to perform for 25 years (or more)!


John Hutchins

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