Damaged Concrete Garage Floor Repaired and Epoxy Floor Installed

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This is probably the worst damage I’ve seen on a garage floor to date.  We were able to repair and cover this garage floor using SealRx from below and installing an Amazing Garage Floor on the surface to eliminate additional water damage from occurring.

Damaged Garage Floor

Here's the floor when we arrived

There is a lot of scaling due to water penetration and chemical damage to this 35 year old garage floor on the floors surface.
Damaged concrete from below

This is what the bottom looked likeThe water was obviously penetrating and corroding the rebar to the point that it expanded and broke the concrete loose. While Jim was working above on grinding the floor with our 20" grinder, I was working below on sealing this with SealRx. I did step back a bit, as I wasn't sure if he was coming through it or not. I'm sure I didn't want to wear that grinder as a hat. Since we couldn't apply SealRx in the basement normally we got to seal it with one of the best things about SealRx Concrete sealer. SealRx will "chase" water and create a seal. It will "chase" vertically also, so we simply had to wet the concrete (several times with a spray bottle) and then seal it with SealRx, again by misting it onto the surface and letting it crawl into the depths of the concrete. This was simply an additional measure to prevent moisture really, from the basement causing additional damage. We then cleaned up the rebar and coated it with a paint/primer to prevent additional moisture. The homeowner plans to patch at a later date with a concrete patch product he purchased locally. Back to the garage floor.... Scaling was ground down to prepare floor for repairs

We ground down into the affected areas to remove damaged concrete and prepare for “fast fix” application.
Floor Repair applied to damaged garage floor

Fast Fix Applied To Damaged Garage Floor

Fast Fix has been applied and is beginning to set up, prior to grinding to smooth the floor in preparation for epoxy coating.
We then applied our primer, tinted coat, and chips for color and texture, as we do with all our epoxy garage flooring projects.
We returned approximately 3 hours after the flooring coats had been applied to clean up excessive chips and scrape down the chips to leave a texture, but to remove sharp edges.

Epoxy Floor prior to application of top coat

Prepared, Primed, Coated, Chipped, Scrapped, Vacuumed Floor

Prepared floor prior to the application of the topcoat.
Here are a few pics of the finished project with our polyaspartic top coat applied:
Finished Floor over heavily damaged area

Finished Floor Picture 1

Finished epoxy floor over damaged concrete

Finished Floor Picture 2

Finished Epoxy Garage Floor Picture Over Damaged Concrete
Finished Epoxy Garage Floor Picture 3

We also installed a new expansion joint between the garage and the driveway to further eliminate the possibility of water causing any more damage to this home.

If you paid attention to the sun in the photos you’ll notice that all this was completed in 1 day.  We arrived around 8 am and were finished about 7:45, and the expansion joint took more product than we expected so we had to make another run to the hardware store.

Our clients could move everything back inside and start parking their cars back in the next day.  With our warranty they will have guaranteed performance for the next 15 years, and get that concrete to 50 years old.  I believe it will last a lot longer than that, and will get lots of use as an enhancement to their home.

I know these homeowners looked at a lot of options to save their garage floor, I even waited for another company to finish his estimate, before creating a SealMasters solution to their unique problem.  We’re happy that they chose SealMasters to protect their home.  They let me know that we certainly weren’t the cheapest option, but knew that we could save and protect their garage floor.  We are glad that they could see the value in our concrete protection services and floor systems.


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